Worship dead gods.

Celebrate what is buried.

Dark ambient. Weird black metal. Dungeon synth. Bizarre occult electronics. More.

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Tusmørke - Sankt Sebastians Alter c60 tape - Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. The history of the black plague in Norway condensed in a twenty-five minute occult, medievalesque prog composition, performed live in Sandvika on the 666th anniversary of its first coming on the shores of the kingdom of the midnight sun. Inspired by the research of Prof. Emeritus Ole Jørgen Benedictow. Includes a remix of the live recording by Nicola Vinciguerra. Every copy comes with lyrics in Norwegian and translation in English. Professionally dubbed black chrome tapes. 6.66 Euro plus shipping.

Trou Aux Rats and Helghast collaboration c30 tape - Limited to 55 hand numbered copies. Putrid funeral synth. Rotten, noisy black metal. Mangled church organs, inhuman vocals. Disfiguration. Lyrics taken from Lucretius' description of the plague in Athens and Saint Zacharia's blessing, a medieval spell against the black plague. Collaboration between French artist Trou Aux Rats -also Vomir, Falot, Free As Dead, etc- and Italian act Helghast. 6.66 Euro plus shipping.